Aviator Academy

Our Mission
Aviator Academy’s mission is to provide an educational environment that captures and stimulates student interests, abilities, and passion for learning. We believe that students learn best when fully engaged and allowed to explore topics that spark their inherent curiosity. Our goal is to focus on discovering each child’s unique learning styles and support them as they pilot their own educational goals and dreams.

Our Program
Aviator Academy provides small class sizes (1:5 ratio) and a rich learning environment. In addition to providing structured academics, our program encourages students to ask questions, seek answers, and discover solutions. As they pursue their educational goals, students are also supported in areas of social interaction, sensory needs, and executive function. Our students participate in a variety of extra-curricular activities, field trips, and group projects.

Aviator Academy Students
Aviator students work cooperatively with hands on teaching materials designed to spur their creativity and imaginations.

Our Students
Students at Aviator Academy have a strong curiosity about the world around them. They often excel academically, but may struggle with social interaction, cooperative group work and a traditional classroom setting. Our students may have diagnoses such as high-functioning autism, ADHD, anxiety, or sensory processing disorder. Our students receive individualized instruction in their areas of weakness, while being encouraged to stride forward in areas of strength and interest.

Individualized Academic Program
At Aviator Academy, we strive to custom tailor our academic program to the needs of each individual student. We understand that every student is a unique combination of learning styles, strengths, and weaknesses, and that learning should be an engaging and satisfying process. Our program is designed to minimize frustration and anxiety, while encouraging students to seek knowledge and guide their own projects. There is no homework given, as all learning occurs within the educational day. There are minimal written responses, as we have opted for more engaging activities, active group discussions, and child-directed projects as part of our unique program. We go beyond modifications, to create meaningful, customized, curricular experiences to maximize student success.

Behavioral Support
The staff at Aviator Academy understands that behaviors reflect needs that sometimes cannot be easily expressed. We strive to address those underlying needs and to help students develop coping and communication strategies to effectively advocate for themselves. With on-site BCBA therapists available, students receive the behavioral support they need to be successful. Our small class sizes, with a ratio of 1:5, allow teachers and staff to focus on building relationships and encouraging students, while supporting students during behavioral challenges.

Social Thinking
Learning to function as part of a group is a vital life skill needed to pilot the larger social community. The students of Aviator Academy will learn and apply the tenets of Social Thinking® within the classroom and community settings. Aviator students are encouraged to consider the thoughts and feelings of others, consider situations from another’s perspective, and develop group plans that consider what each student would like to do or accomplish.

Sensory Support
The staff at Aviator Academy understands that sensory needs profoundly affect a student’s ability to fully engage in learning. We provide students with full-day access to our sensory room to complete both calming and alerting schedule as needed to stay well regulated. We also integrate sensory supports into the classroom to meet our student’s sensory needs in the classroom. Most importantly, we work with students to help them identify their sensory needs and how to address them independently within their educational environment.

Engaging Extra-Curricular ACTIVITIES
The students of Aviator Academy have the opportunity to attend a unique extra-curricular program offered by the local home school community. Super Friday allows each student to choose 3 electives each semester from a broad list of selections. Classes offered in the past have included drama, art, cake decorating, fencing, PE, Lego Creation, Texas History, and many more. This program not only allows Aviator students to explore their interests, but also to integrate and socialize with a larger group of children, while still receiving support from Aviator staff.

If The Aviator Academy sounds like it may be the place for your child to pilot his/her educational goals and dreams, download our enrollment packet and return it to us with your application fee. Our knowledgeable staff will review the packet and then set up a time to meet with you to discuss your child and how Aviator Academy can help them successfully navigate the educational world and beyond!

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