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Jigs for Sale:

Functional Academic and Vocational Jigs for Secondary Students: Promoting Post-Secondary Skills that Work!
A book that copiles 17 of these jigs together with all instructional pages and visual icons needed for visual schedules and visual work systems.

Price: $75.00

Book Cover & Table of Contents

Functional Academic Jig Set
(Penny, Nickel, Dime, Quarter)

Penny Jig, $7.00
Nickel Jig, $7.00
Dime Jig, $7.00
Quarter Jig, $7.00
Set of all 4 Jigs, $25.00
Penny Jig

Assembly Jig Set
(Toothbrush, Pencil, Flashlight)

Toothbrush Jig, $7.00
Pencil Jig, $7.00
Flashlight Jig, $7.00
Set of all 3 Jigs, $20.00
Toothbrush Jig

Packaging Jig Set
(Highlighter, Crayon, Paperclip, Toiletry)

Highlighter Jig, $7.00
Crayon Jig, $7.00
Paperclip Jig, $7.00
Toiletry Jig, $7.00
Set of all 4 Jigs, $25.00
Crayon Jig

Office Skills Jig Set
(Fold and Staple, Collate and Staple, Bi-Fold, Tri-Fold, Stuffing Envelope)

Fold & Staple Jig, $7.00
Collate & Staple Jig, $7.00
Bi-Fold Jig, $7.00
Tri-Fold Jig, $7.00
Envelope Jig, $7.00
Set of all 5 Jigs, $30.00
Fold and Staple Jig

Restaurant Skills Jig Set
(Salt Jig, Sugar Jig)
(Jelly Tray Jig Coming Soon)

Salt Jig, $7.00
Sugar Jig, $7.00
Jelly Tray Jig, $7.00
Set of all 3 Jigs, $20.00
Salt Jig

Math Tools Jig Set
(Coming Soon!)

Jig Coming Soon

Cracker Tin Jig
(Coming Soon!)

Jig Coming Soon

Silverware Wrap Jig
(Coming Soon!)


Jig Coming Soon

Condiments Packaging Jig Set
(Coming Soon!)

Jig Coming Soon

Janitorial Skills Jig Set
(Coming Soon!)


Jig Coming Soon


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